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    Kidney Infection

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    Case Study - Dee feels tired, and experiences chills and fever. She has lost her appetite, and she notices her ankles are swelling. Her condition does not improve after a few days of rest, so she goes to her doctor. Patient history reveals that Dee had a very sore throat a few weeks earlier, but she did not seek treatment for it and recovered spontaneously. Other than that, she has been healthy for the past six months. Examination includes a urinalysis, and both blood and casts are present. There is no glycosuria, but there is albuminuria.

    1) What disease do you suspect? What signs/symptoms support those suspicions?

    2) What is the probable cause of the sore throat Dee had experienced earlier? How does that relate to her present condition?

    3) Name the etiology and describe the pathogenesis of Dee's disease.

    4) What is the prognosis?

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    1. Symptoms: Tired, chills and fever, lost of appetite, swollen ankles, sore throat, blood and casts present in urine, albuminuria.
    Initially one would suspect diabetes, because of the blood and alumnin we can immediately eliminate diabetes as a suspected disease since she does not have glycosuria. We can also eliminate diabetes because of the casts (fatty substance) found in the urine. Casts in the urine can point to a number of kidney ...

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    Case study on a patient named Dee with reported appetite lost, swollen ankles, and proteins in urine.