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Case Study: Urinary Tract Infection

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A young 21-year-old female has a burning sensation while voiding urine. She has mild fever. She went to the doctor. The doctors diagnosed UTI.

-What would be the result of urine analysis?

-What would be the complications of not treating the patient?

-What would you find in her blood test?

-What should be the treatment?

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What would be the result of urine analysis?

It is expected that urinalysis will show nitrites in the urine. UTI's are usually caused by bacteria, and the bacteria produce enzymes that facilitate the change of normal urine nitrates into nitrites.

Additionally, it is expected that there will be more white blood cells in the urine compared to expected values for a normal urine sample. If you need a concrete number, the source below lists that more than 5 white blood cells per high power field indicate an elevated white blood cell count.

Additionally, the urine may contain leukocyte ...

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With respect to a specific case study, this response includes explations of exected urine and blood analysis, complications, and possible treatment for urinary tract infection. A reference is provided for further reading.