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    Intro Patho Inflammation/Healing

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    Introduction to Pathophysiology

    1. Choose a specific disease. Prepare an appropriate list of six terms you could use to describe this disease and define each of the terms.

    2. Define:
    a. Etiology
    b. Incidence
    c. Precipitating factor
    d. Complication
    e. Prognosis
    f. Iatrogenic

    3. Differentiate between the terms metaplasia and malignant neoplasm.

    Inflammation and Healing

    1. a. Explain the rationale for each of the following with acute inflammation:
    i. Warmth
    ii. Fever
    b. State three systemic signs of inflammation.

    2. a. Explain how acute inflammation predisposes to development of infection.
    b. Classify each as inflammation or infection:
    i. Sunburn
    ii. Skin rash under adhesive tape
    iii. Common cold
    iv. Red, swollen eye with purulent exudates

    3. Explain how acute inflammation impairs movement of a joint.

    4. Why might a client be advised to avoid taking ASA a few days prior to extensive oral surgery (e.g., multiple tooth extractions)?

    5. Explain why a young child taking prednisone (glucocorticoid) for chronic kidney inflammation is at high risk for infection and might need prophylactic antibiotics.

    6. a. When part of the heart muscle dies, how does it heal?
    b. How would the new tissue affect the strength of the heart contraction?

    7. Suggest several reasons why healing is slow in the elderly.

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