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    Physiology - Pathological Significance

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    How might the following occur and what are the possible causes and pathological significance

    inflammation and necrosis
    Bacteraemia and septicaemia

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    1. Inflammation & necrosis: This can happen in several ways:
    A. Compartment syndrome: Due to inflammation (due to mechanical trauma or microbial infection or both) you get a muscle swelling inside an envelope of fasciae. Due to this swelling and the increased pressure that is the result of it inside the constricting fasciae envelope you get an impaired blood supply - and thereby also an impaired oxygen supply - to these muscles. Due to this strangulation the muscles will die - necrosis.
    B. Posttraumatic brain death: Similar to A. Due to posttraumatic inflammation the brain swells inside its bone cavity. This increases the pressure ...

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