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    Controversy Surrounding Artificial Womb

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    If science could allow us to create and artificial womb, maybe even allowing an animal womb for humans that would be safe and effective should scientists purse this research and development? Why would some people be against this technology?

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    This is an interesting question and there are many societal implications for considering this line of research:


    1) Women who have trouble conceiving and carrying a child would be able to have a biological child. Reasons that a women may not be able to conceive: she may have had a hysterectomy, have a certain kind of hormonal disorder that makes ovulation and conception difficult or may have previously had a female hormone sensitive cancer that could respond to the hormone fluxes of pregnancy. This would decrease the ...

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    This answer examines some potential advantages and disadvantages associated with artificial womb development. How would the development of an artificial womb benefit society? What potential controversy would be surrounded by this technology for wide-spread use?