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Explain the inflammation response to disease in general and include at least one specific example in the form of a disease or condition that causes an inflammatory response in the body.


Cites - At least 2 websites as resources.

Use critical thinking and substantiate opinions/claims with research

Explain the inflammation response to disease in general.

Describe and/or define inflammation.

Integrate information from internet research.

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WebMD provides a lot of information about inflammation. The following link is particularly helpful:

This site defines the general inflammation response to disease in terms of symptoms (the following is taken directly from WebMD):

Symptoms of inflammation include:
* Redness
* Swollen joint that's warm to the touch
* Joint pain
* Joint stiffness
* Loss of joint function
Often, only a few of these symptoms are present.
Inflammation ...

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The body's inflammation response to disease is explained.

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