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This solution guides students to create a critical essay on web sources. It provides a sample for students to follow.

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As you create your own critical essay on web sources, I have given you some sample idea as a model.

1. First, I have listed some controversial topics for your consideration:

a. No Child Left Behind Educational Act and Legislation
b. Hybrid Cars
c. Stem Cell Research
d. War in Iraq

2. As you locate five web addresses for your topics, I have only researched NCLB (No Child Left Behind) due to time:

a. http://www.nea.org/esea/memberstories2.html
b. http://edwize.org/the-problems-with-nclb
c. http://www.fairtest.org/nattest/bushtest.html
d. http://www.pdkintl.org/kappan/k0305mat.htm
e. http://www.reading.org/publications/reading_today/samples/RTY-0502-survey.html

Part 1: Of all the websites you find, please choose the very worst website. I selected this one as a sample for you:


First, the design and layout of this website draws my eye with its bright colors of yellow, blue, green, and black. There is also a sun sort of design that makes it look energetic and positive. Although there are no pictures, the site does contain graphic icons of my yahoo, newsgator, Rojo, Newsburst, and Bloglines. These pictures influence me intellectually to think that they are linked to other social organizations promoting discussions about topics. However, the lack of pictures does not make me feel empathy or strong emotions about the topic. The graphics or icons do not stir my emotional reactions.

2. It seems ...

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