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    Gun control, hypocritical senator

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    Library Research Assignment

    Use the library Databases to find and several articles appearing about the topic, which you have selected. Choose an article related to your topic and write a summary and response to the article, following these instructions:

    â?¢Go to the library databases and locate articles that are related to your topic.
    â?¢Find the article you would like to read.
    â?¢Skim the article.
    â?¢Read the entire article, highlighting topic sentences.
    â?¢Identify the author's thesis.
    Write a summary and response, beginning your post with the author's name and title of the article. Identify the type of article (i.e., information, feature, opinion). Who is his or her primary audience? In the first paragraph, objectively summarize the author's thesis, purpose statement, or controlling idea. What is the main idea?

    You may respond to the entire article, or you may concentrate on one or two points. Your response should be based on analysis, reasons, and evidence, not your feelings and opinion. Write with authority and avoid statements, such as "In my opinion," I think," I feel," and "I believe." Be honest in acknowledging your own bias; compare and contrast your opinions with the author's. Avoid biased language or attacks on the author. In your conclusion, sum up the main points. Explain how this article agrees or disagrees with your thesis statement.

    Use in-text citations (in APA format) to document paraphrased and quoted materials.

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    Search the Web for a resource that interests you on the topic of gun control. The article I pulled from the Web for this assignment is copied and pasted here for you in its entirety, with the URL:

    Gun Control Advocate Shoots Intruder
    By Bob Ellis on January 7th, 2010


    What would you think if a long-time gun control advocate ended up shooting someone? Might the word "hypocrite" come to mind?
    It did for me, and apparently for many others.
    The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports North Carolina state senator R.C. Soles shot one of two intruders who attempted to break into his house.
    But it gets even more interesting than the mere hypocrisy of a gun control activist shooting somebody.
    The New York Times reports Soles won't be seeking re-election, which is not a surprise since state prosecutors have said they plan to charge Soles because "he acted criminally when he shot a former law client."
    WWAY sheds additional light on this:
    Thursday, a Columbus County grand jury found probable cause to seek an indictment against Soles for assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury.
    In late August, Soles shot 22-year-old Kyle Blackburn outside the Senator's home in Tabor City.
    Blackburn was a client of Soles' law firm. Soles told police he shot Blackburn in self-defense, saying that Blackburn was trying to break into his home. Blackburn told us he ...

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    Analysis and commentary on a gun control article that reports a member of congress who advocates for gun control shot an intruder under suspicious circumstances which got him indicted by a grand jury.