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Outline for Gun Control Essay

I Need help to Complete the following 5 Steps:

* Find sources: Using the same topic you previously selected, continue researching your topic and locate sources on it.
* Evaluate sources: Select material that you think will provide evidence to support your claims.
* Draft a topic-sentence outline: Based on your readings of these sources, draft and finalize a topic-sentence outline.
* Revise and finalize your topic-sentence outline.
* Prepare a reference page:
These are the references provided for this. News Batch, http://www.newsbatch.com/guncontrol.htm
NRA, www.nra.org
Gun control, http://www.speakout.com/activism/guncontrol/
Gun Control, www.awesomelibrary.org/guncontrol.html
Gun Cite, http://www.guncite.com/

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Gun control laws outline and references