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Effective Communication: Media and Technology

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How are the principles of effective communication altered when media and technology are incorporated?
Describe a time when one was faced with helping someone who was resistant and difficult to work with?
What aspects of the effective communication processes could you have employed to support a positive outcome?

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This is a very good question. The principles of communication, including beginning in a friendly way, giving honest and sincere appreciation, becoming genuinely interested in others, making the other person feel important, praising the slightest improvement, and talking in terms of the other person's interests (Jeffrey) are greatly influenced by when media and technology are incorporated for the simple reason that media and technology are emotionless forms of communication. There is no way to hear the pitch of a person's speech or feel the warmth of his/her praise through an email. In fact, people have been accused of acting in inappropriate manners just because the person reading the correspondence on the other end got the wrong impression when just the opposite was true. Being an online instructor, I have had this happen to me countless times! I remember once working with a student correcting an essay, and I typed a sentence in all capital letters so that my student could tell what ...

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The following posting discusses the effects of media and technology in effective communication

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