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    Society and culture forces influences curriculum

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    While accountability of the local school is an admirable goal, local schools may face a number of social and cultural challenges in meeting prescribed curriculum standards. In this assignment, identify some of these challenges, and explain their potential impact on the students, teachers, school, and community. Support your views with expert opinion from a variety of sources.

    â?¢Discuss societal and cultural forces which influence curriculum development.
    â?¢Align curriculum to standards, such as organizational, federal, or state objectives.

    Identify a minimum of 3 social and cultural changes that may impact school systems in meeting prescribed curriculum standards.
    Explain the potential of each change upon students,teachers,school and community
    Be precise

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    Local school districts are mandated with the challenge of devising a quality curriculum that will be something that teachers can implement so that students will obtain grade-level mastery. In most cases, those who stage this document don't act alone but rather use existing work done at either the regional, state or federal level and adapt any diversions that are appropriate for their individual community or district.

    In order to prepare students for standardized tests, college entry and passing university entrance exams, schools need to prepare students and provide ample scope and sequence of all the necessary content. Each community could have a different curriculum but it is likely not too different from the next because in the end, they all are accountable for covering the state standards, at least that is the goal of most public schools, which receives state and or federal funding. Private, or independent school may not strive for these objectives or work toward the same stringent goals. But the later also does not need to accept all students and can hold students to higher standards or reject students from school admission, too.

    Administrators can look at test results and observe very closely the areas that break down in success. If a teacher or school fails horribly in a certain standard or set of general content areas, they find it easy to blame the teacher for failure to see mastery of those topics. There could be a variety of reasons for the failure (absenteeism, fluctuating head count, language barriers or teacher turn over, etc.) but ultimately, it is now the teacher that generally takes the blame for ...

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    Society demands accountability and through test scores, administrators, parents and student glean insights about teaching aptitude. Information about how the curriculum impacts objectives is provided.