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Research process for qualitative study.

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Describe the research process for Qualitative Study.

o Research problem:

o Purpose of the research:

o Research question(s):

o Data collection technique and instrumentation:

o Data analysis approach:

o Evaluate logical flow and coherence across the multiple elements of the study:

o Steps to ensure credibility, dependability, confirmability, and transferability of research, analysis, and results:

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Qualitative study:

The first step is to introduce what the subject matter is or state the problem, what is the purpose of the research. All research asks this question however unlike some methods of research, qualitative research does not confine the researcher to answer the question, but instead, allows the researcher many possibilities or avenues to ask other relevant questions that give more information about the problem or subject that prompted the research. Some qualitative research does begin with a specific question or set of questions, however it is not uncommon for theories about interactions among groups of people to bring up more questions that were not asked at the start of the research.

The next step is to ask your research question, most of the time the question cannot be defined exactly, especially at the start of the research. Qualitative researchers usually start their data collection with a specific set of issues in their mind. Once they begin collecting their information the question becomes more concise. Flexibility is a good word to define qualitative research and many individuals who do choose this method of research find that having an idea of the question in their mind helps them to better observe their study group.

When ...

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