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    Education needs and good parenting.

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    What does it take to be a good parent and be active in your childs education?

    In your essay, describe the characteristics of a good parent. Give specific details to explain your views. Use your personal observations, experience, and knowledge.

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    1. A good parent is engaged. She/he takes an active interest in the success of the child. The parent maintains active and proactive communication with the teacher about the child and actively seeks out resources to assist the child if needs are identified. The parents seeks to work collaboratively with teachers, counselors and/or administrators to provide the best educational experiences possible for the child and the parent will make any personal sacrifices necessary to ensure that their child is given the greatest possible opportunities for academic and emotional growth or success.

    2. The parent is realistic. She/he does not believe the child is perfect or infallible. The parent recognizes that each child goes through different developmental stages and that no child, regardless of intellectual gifts, is exempt from the need to grow and learn. They accept that their ...

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