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The value and determination of important people in our lives

Explain the impact of an important person in your life. What role did this person play in shaping your life? If this person is a friend, consider the larger role of friendship and the challenge of being a good friend. If this person is a mentor, consider the importance of mentors in the lives of people your age and what makes a good mentor (whether coach, parent, or teacher).

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The post appears to be a chance for the student to be introspective and determine someone that was important in his or her life. Not wanting to diminish that consideration, the following narrative is a personal example and perhaps it will spark ideas to complete the assignment.

After I completed third grade, the following Christmas, I received a holiday card from my teacher, who was newly retired. The letters continued for more than 30 years. The last year, mine went out in the mail first that year but it was never received, when I learned later in the month, that she had passed away at almost 95 ...

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Qualities in a coach, parent, or teacher can have invaluable and long-term affects on the life of another. Features of these relationships are discussed.