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The Values of Cesar Chavez

Describe have Cesar Chavez used Franciscan values to resolve conflicts.

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About Cesar Chavez

Cesar Chavez was a central figure and leader in the national worker's movement of the 60's. He envisioned better working and living conditions for workers especially farm and migrant workers due to his own experiences as one. A second generation Mexican-American, Chavez was born in 1927 near Yuma, Arizona. Due to the Great depression, his family was forced out of their small farm to find better opportunities as farm workers in California. Due to lack of economic and academic opportunities, he never finished 8th Grade. In 1952, he became an organizer for the CSO or Community Service Organization, a civil rights group that pushed for the civil rights of Latin Americans. His active participation in the organization further propelled him to face the realities of the lives of migrant workers and he became concerned not only of the conditions faced by his own ethnicity but of other minorities as well. He actively supported the causes of Filipino Americans farm workers, for example. In 1962 he established what would become the iconic United Farm Workers with Dolores Huerta. He led and organized strikes and dialogues to push for the increase of wages of farm workers. His speeches, beliefs and vision for the improvement of the lives of farm workers propelled him to national fame. Senator Robert Kennedy supported the ...

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