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Women, Chicano, American Indians and Civil Rights

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What were the goals of the women's movement, the Chicano movement, the American Indian Movement, and the civil rights movement? Did they accomplish their respective goals?

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Goals of the women's movement:

Check out this website - it will help you with the goals - see the section called The National Organization for Women's 1966 Statement of Purpose

Chicano movement

A major focus of contemporary Chicanos has been politics. Political goals have included increasing the number of Chicano candidates, convincing non-Chicano candidates to commit themselves to the needs of the Mexican American community, conducting broad-scale voter registration and community organization drives, working for appointment of more Chicanos in government, and supporting passage of constructive legislation. Some Chicanos have chosen to work through the two major political parties or through theoretically nonpartisan organizations, such as the Mexican-American Political Association. Others have channeled their political efforts through El Partido de la Raza Unida (PRU, United People's Party), which was founded in south Texas ...

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The goals of each of these movements.

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