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    Teacher's Concern for Children with Peanut Allergies

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    I would like help me on a situation case study:
    'You are a parent of a child who has a serious peanut allergy. You are meeting with your child's new teacher to explain this allergy and what specific needs your child has. Your goal for this meeting is to ensure your child's comfort and safety in the classroom by communicating your expectations to the teacher.'

    I need to fill in a journal entry that reflects on these questions:
    a.How do you expect your child to be treated not only by his teacher, but by the rest of the school staff?
    b.How would you want the school staff to talk with the other children about your child's specific needs and accommodations?
    c.In addition to the teacher, who else should be involved in ensuring the safety of your child?
    Journal Options:
    a.Written reflection journal.
    b.Jing reflection with visuals, and paste the link into your discussion post.
    c.Peer dialogue reflection (where you discuss the questions above with a peer or colleague and write a reflection that compares their peak experience with your own.)
    d.Create a short video to relate your answer.

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    Written Reflection Journal:

    As a parent of a child with a serious peanut allergy, I would need the school community to be sensitive to ensuring the safety and health of my child, but ultimately I would want the school to understand that my child's allergy is not synonymous with my child. In other words, simply because my child has an allergy that is quite serious should not define who my child is--s/he should not be ostracised from others, and s/he should not be made to feel as though his/her allergy defines him/her.

    That said, the approach would be to talk to all the "stakeholders" at one time: the principal, the classroom teacher, the school nurse, and the guidance counsellor. (Though this assignment only discusses talking with my child's new teacher, I would prefer to include these other members in the discussion so there is consistency throughout the school on how my child's needs can be accommodated.)

    The meeting should ...

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    The teacher's concern for children with peanut allergies are provided. Who else should be involved in ensuring the safety of your child is given.