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    Captivating Adult Learners

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    A challenge to using web or podcasts for teaching purposes could be the lack of creativity in the design or delivery. If the material is not captivating enough to hold the attention of the participants, they will not learn the material presented.

    Is "captivating" a relevant factor in terms of holding participants' attention in an instructional setting? As an instructor, how would you perform this task, considering the varied interest of students?

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    These are very interesting questions. I was reminded of the learning theory by Malcolm Knowles about andragogy which focuses on retaining and captivating adult learners. He states in his theory basically that adult learners are self-directed and expected to take responsibility for their decisions; therefore, instruction must accommodate this in order to retain and captivate their attention. He continues by explaining factors important to ...

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    This solution discusses strategies for capturing and retaining the attention and focus of adult learners in order to promote their continued learning.