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    managing student behavior and social interaction

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    How are managing student behavior and social interaction encompassed into the daily instructional program? What are the benefits of incorporating this into lessons on a daily basis?

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    All students are' social creatures' and even those who, by nature are shy or prefer not to be as social as others, need to be involved with others, for personal growth, development of social skills, and learning about how others think. The problem comes when those who thrive on the more highly social end of the scale fail to work toward a balance, problems can evolve.

    Some students, by innate style, are very good with social skills and they do all they can to do what comes easily. The problem is that there are other students who don't learn or concentrate well, with all the social engagement. Either, they are unable to self-monitor and stay on task, to get work done, or are easily side-tracked with other conversation. Good students have learned how to manage socializing and yet still get work completed.

    To entirely disallow social interaction in the day would be a difficult task to reinforce, unless the ...