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Intellectual Disability (ID) and Social Interaction

What are some of the characteristics of Intellectual Disability (ID) that might affect a student's social interaction? Give two strategies that you can use to effectively improve this area for a student.

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Intellectual disability means, in a specific sense, the inability to understand and process at the same rate or depth as typical students. Some may need augmentative communication to speak, or some may need help with social skills in general, for instance: a student who kisses everyone, needs to be taught that just because someone smiles at you (antecedent) doesn't mean you should kiss them.

One strategy would be the use of the iPad with a communication program. This is growing in popularity for many students with ID who have a hard time finding the words to ask for wants or needs. This technology is interesting to typical students out ...

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Intellectual disabilities and social interactions are examined. The strategies to effectively improve this area for a student is determined by the expert.