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    Ethical Issues of Educational Leaders

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    Describe what you consider to be the most devastating ethical issue with which educational leaders must deal? Why?

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    I don't know if I would call this "devastating," but something that I have always had to deal with is how to support teachers but also keep parents and kids happy. To tell you a story, I had a student many years ago who was a graduating senior. He needed to pass a marine biology class if he wanted any hope of graduating because he needed the science credit. Well, the kid not only failed the course (with a low 50), but also purposefully skipped the final exam. The school has a policy that an active skip like this is an automatic zero and the kid is not allowed to make it up. Well, this ...

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    This solution discusses an instance of leadership ethics. It describes one case where an administrator had to make a very difficult call regarding the well-being of a student, even though is violated school policy and angered the teacher. It shows how difficult school leadership is and the ethical and moral decisions that are constantly being made.