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    The Benefits of Direct Crowd Patronage for Content Creators

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    Independent journalists, writers and content creators have the freedom to seek multiple opportunities, and with the electronic nature of the new media platform, approach their audience in very direct terms without being bound to the reach of a large publication. However, this formula has also created a new branch of financial opportunities for content creators that even the audience can often find appealing: being able to finance their endeavours directly through patronage from each individual consumer at a price suitable to said consumer without the pressure of having to always pay.

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    It's a common theme now that the media industry has been seeing recurring shifts in its structure and culture over the past ten years. A lot has changed and a lot continues to change in terms of what strategies are novel, or those that are tried and true ones that still work and what have been rendered obsolete from the massive changes brought on by the online medium. However, where does this leave independent journalists? In very exciting if not unexplored waters where opportunities have never been more apparent, especially in terms of financing their endeavours.

    One such factor, when it comes to new media approaches, is the seeking of direct financing from the readers while essentially providing free content while putting certain things behind a pay wall. On ...

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    Independent journalists and media content creators can expand their own platform not just by reaching their audience directly, but also providing a flexible financing system where individual consumers can opt to function as patrons of the content to the mutual satisfaction of both sides.