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Trend innovators for crowd sourcing, filtering and clustering

What is the innovation of Crowd Sourcing?
What is the innovation of Crowd Filtering?
What is the innovation of Clustering?

Please include references as well.

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Trend innovators

The following information answers the three questions individually. There are sections where actual direct information was taken from the site in reference that has citations noted. The other information is original using those sites marked in citation and reference to state the response. Please use the references and citations so that it is not considered plagiarism.

What is the innovation of Crowd Sourcing?

The innovation of Crowd Sourcing is that companies can gain good ideas and problem solutions from a vast number of people such as staff, customers, vendors, general public, and a network of experts. This allows large development projects to be solved, worked on, or be reviewed by market intelligence and predictions made. The job can be small or it can be large. (Knowledge Australian School of Business, 2010) It is said to extend creativity across a large network of talent (Winsor, 2009)

As Trend Hunters (Gutsche, 2011) states it: "To ensure a broad spectrum of ...

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