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    Difficulties in adapting sites for mobile devices

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    Some multimedia can be difficult to view on a mobile device due to screen size or bandwidth limitations. Find two articles that discuss considerations and new developments that will enable multimedia on a site to be viewed effectively on a mobile device. What advice would you give a site designer considering what multimedia elements to use and how to prioritize them? Be specific, including size limitations or tools to use. (around 500 words)

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    With the exponential growth of the Web and that of using mobile devices capable of accessing the web, there is a strong need to adapt current web content for these limited capability mobile devices [1]. Since the web content is becoming more and more complex where presentation and content are not neatly separated, and the heterogeneity of the mobile devices in use, it is a challenging job to adapt any given arbitrary web page from the Internet to any arbitrary mobile device in the market [1]. However, there are a few way by means of which the multimedia contents of a website can be viewed effectively on mobile devices.

    Transcoding technique for limited bandwidth:

    Transcoding can be used for the re-compression of multimedia content so that the delay for downloading multimedia content can be reduced on the limited bandwidth wireless network [1]. An additional advantage of reducing the byte size of multimedia content is reducing the cost over access links that charge per kilobytes of data transferred. While compression can be advantageous for very slow links it can be disadvantageous for high bandwidth links since decompression and compression are compute-intensive and the decrease in download time can be less than the increase in delay caused by transcoding [1].

    Moving the transcoding logic away from the client to the proxy or content server can also help for slow links. This is because in addition to compression, transcoding can also extract information that can be displayed in the client and send only those to the client.

    Another technique is displaying images of varying ...

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    The solution provides a detailed answer to give question. It identifies the best practices to enable multimedia on a website to be viewed perfectly, devices such as mobile or handheld. For example, the use of trans-coding techniques, utilizing bandwidth, how to use and place key information, navigation links, images and other multimedia content on a webpage.