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Implementation strategies for global expansion

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VII. Implementation
A. Implementation (This is where you can be creative using the information you have already provided. You will need to make up the programs, people, and finances.)

B. Programs (Be creative! What programs would you want the company to implement?)

C. People (Who is currently employed that could be used to implement your recommended strategy? Who would need to be hired?)

D. Finances (What will it cost to implement your recommendation?)

VIII. Evaluation and Control (Who will manage the implementation? What questions will need to be asked?)

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VII. Implementation
Programs (Be creative! What programs would you want the company to implement?)

In order to embark on the expansion plan in a new market, Panera will need to shortlist attractive emerging markets and make forays into each market one by one. For this purpose, Panera will need to extensive country risk analysis via primary/secondary research to identify the relative attractiveness/challenges of each market. The research will include extensive analysis of industry and the local economy, political, social and cultural risks, financial risks including exchange rate related risks, competitive scenario, growth opportunities, etc.

Once a particular market is shortlisted, the company would need to decide on an entry strategy, i.e., wholly owned subsidiary, Joint Venture with a local player, etc. and create a localized strategy addressing the peculiar needs and preferences of the local market from cultural, competitive, social and economic perspective.

The company would need to create localized marketing strategy, be it related to product, price, promotion or distribution as each country differs from others due to peculiar cultural characteristics. Hence, the company will need to adapt ...

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This solution discusses implementation strategies for Panera Bread's global expansion.

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