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    'go global' decision

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    1) If you were an early-stage company what criteria would you use for a "go-global" decision? (250 words with an outside reference)

    2) Pick one of the five entry strategies listed in the lecture and explain the benefits and drawbacks associated with it for your company (hospital) or one you know about. (250 words with an outside reference)
    -Licensing, manufacturing, franchising
    -Joint Venture
    -Foreign Branch
    -Wholly-owned Subsidiary

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    If I were an early stage company, I will use a combination of criteria to make the "go-global" decision. First of all, I will analyze the viability of my product in the international market, i.e., identify whether or not my product or service is suitable for the international market. I will also conduct extensive country risk analysis to identify the prospects for my product in different markets across the world. The country risk analysis of different markets across the world will also help in identifying the risks and challenges associated with each unique market, as well as the requisite strategy to become successful in these markets.

    Global expansion is a consideration for every business today because of the Internet, but truly going global often requires establishing relationships in other countries. Global opportunities stem from many conditions, but the positive global experience will belong to those who have appropriate and useful decision criteria for deciding which ones to pursue.

    Three overall decision issues arise when looking outside the United States

    For ...

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    Strategy formulation and implementation for a 'go global' decision.