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    strategy formulation plan

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    Refine your project rationale incorporating the suggestions from the feedback you received in peer discussion.

    Address feedback and suggestions including the following:

    * your strategy formulation plan
    * the efficacy your plan implementation
    * issues related to costs and benefits of your plan
    * provide resources used

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    // In the following section, we are presenting an overview of the company which will make our work of analyzing the company's strategy easy. This section will include a brief about the company's growth plan and its strategies to become a better organization. The global plans of the company will also be discussed to know more about its global strategies.//


    HP is a global leader in information technology and its fortune 500 ranking is 9th. The product from HP includes software, printing, services, personal computing and IT infrastructure. It has its presence in more than 160 countries making it a giant company in terms of its global presence. Its founders were Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett. They founded the company in the 1939 with a meager capital of $530. The company's first product was an audio oscillator. Since then, the company has introduced a large number of products in its portfolio. The company has adopted a general strategy for its global expansion like mergers and acquisitions (Compaq and HP), organic expansion, increasing product portfolio and establishing world class research lab for new product development.

    HP ships one out of every three personal computers in the world. HP is also a leader in laser printing technology and makes approximately 1 million printers per week. The company is totally customer oriented and is committed to provide the best technology for corporate and home users. Their strategy of being a global citizen is also a great initiative to become more customer oriented. The company's corporate strategy says that it wants to be an asset, economically and physically for every country in which it is doing business. By doing so, it is successfully able to involve and get the desired support of the society (Claunch & Butler, 2006).

    The above points and the company's continuous efforts to innovate itself and to meet the expectations of its customers worldwide have made HP a global information technology company dedicated to provide the best products in the industry. If the company is able to innovate it with the same pace, it will be able to become a global leader in every field of the technology.

    // In the following section, we will ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1292 words with references.