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    Marketing Example Questions

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    Hello. I need assistance with these (2) marketing questions. Each answer should be between 350 and 500 words.

    1. How is the sales process different in the different stages of the product life cycle? How is the sales process for complex products different from the sales process for basic products? Why do different products require different sales interaction and involvement? Where do your products fit into these categories?

    2. Why is closing the sale important? When would you use the different types of closing? How might selecting the wrong approach adversely affect the close? Give some examples from your own experiences. If your closing is not effective, what are your back-up options?


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    Answer 1

    Sales Process

    Product life cycle has mainly four stages that are introduction, growth, maturity and decline. All these stages posses different characteristics and to effectively manage these stages, marketers apply different sales process and tactics. For introduction stage, sales process is performed in an aggressive manner. Use of resources is also high in this stage of product life cycle. Sales message in introduction stage is also different that is aimed to inform the target market. In growth stage, sales process is performed with enthusiastic by the marketers and use of resources is average (Blythe, 2004). Sales message in this stage is also different, as it is aimed to leverage its benefits to increase the revenues. In the maturity stage, sales process is performed by using innovative tools and use of sales resources is limited. Sales message in this stage is developed to inform the modification of the products. In the decline stage, sales process is developed with a differentiated manner. Sales message developed in this stage is aimed to revitalize the product sales.

    Sales process for complex product is different from the basic products in terms of its approach. For complex products, a detailed sales process is performed, on the ...

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