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Marketing online

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Please help with the following problem.

I need an example of a company that markets online and in the print media to target audiences and how they use print advertising and screen grabs explained please.

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This solution helps with a problem involving online marketing. The explanation is given in 487 words.

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Dell is a great company to use as an example. They use a unique marketing strategy of mostly online or over the phone custom orders of computer systems targeting both small business and personal computer users.

The main aspect of their marketing is using feature systems for a fairly cheap price as compared to systems often seen in electronic stores. Usually, gimmicks that promise a CPU for $500 are enticing (even though the customer later realizes they need to purchase the screen separately) however even though, the system still comes out being cheaper than a system bought at a brick and mortar electronic stores. These "specials" are their way to grab customers and persuade them to look through their ...

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