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eBay: Use of Technology and Tools for Marketing

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Describe the technology and tools that eBay has developed to help their customers successfully market the items sold on through the eBay Auction website. How effective has this model been?

Please site references. 200-300 words please

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eBay has developed lots of technology and tools to help their customers successfully market items. For instance, eBay allows customers to display pictures of items. This seems basic, but a picture is key for marketing purposes. The site also allows key words in the description to be used by other users to search for items. This helps buyers find the items they are looking for. eBay allows sellers that use eBay message boards to have an "About Me" page . This gives the buyer the benefit of being able to put a sales pitch out about themselves and also get an icon next to all comments posted by the seller ...

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This solution describes the technology and tools that eBay has developed to help their customers successfully market the items sold on through the eBay Auction website.APA references are included.

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Marketing-EBusiness Successes

The internet for personal and business use is growing with popularity and intesity. Some companies which have attempted the transition have failed while others have had great success. However, to compete in today's tumultuous marketplace companies need to reach/touch all forms of customers and this includes those convenience driven shoppers who utilize the internet to either research their purchases or to purchase all togethers. Some companies that have pioneered in the form of E-marketing are the following: - but what makes them successful?

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However, there are also those that have converted from bricks to bricks and clicks which are the following: - but what has made them successful:

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My thoughts are the following:

Amazon - The company and other sellers offer a vast array of both new and used items to millions of customers worldwide over the internet that has made this company the leading online shopping site. They have adopted the concepts of an extensive product catalogue, shopping services such as personalized recommendations based on customers prior purchases, provides the availability to sell new and used items by customers, auction guarantee, security guarantee and online tutorials to peruse or use the site to include a few of the features. (Rappa, 2004) The company has also taken advantage of the vastly ever changing technology that is being adapted into today's marketplace. This has been done by introducing services available on their website to make doing business with their company easy and convenient which guarantees customer awareness and return. The inception of their online tutorial is an innovative method for those parties that are new to online shopping and unsure about the overall concept. Once the shopping is complete, the company guarantee that is posted better ensures the customer that their privacy and security are of utmost importance at Amazon.com. In addition, this in itself is one of the leading concerns for online shoppers today. It is their adaptation to new technology, overall customer friendly services, easily guided website, and well known name that have given them their success today.

Ebay - They have adopted a vast array of concepts into the site for customers use and assistance. There are options ranging from education tools for parties needing assistance in the buying and selling of merchandise such as the world renowned PayPal to discussion boards, chat room or other options for members to interact with one another. (Rappa, 2004) The company provides the technology and services for which multiple people can interact from all over the world for the overall goal of buying or selling of a new or used item. They also incorporate technologies of well integrated software with online tutorials available in all languages they service to better enhance the customer service to their customers worldwide. Their use and speed of acquiring new technology has provided them with their rapid growth and the profitable results in which they have today.

ETrade - ????

Dell - They focus on mass customization where their retail and corporate customers are able to visit their web site and design their own computers. Customization has helped Dell to lower their production, increasing their positionin the market and value felt by the customers and assisted in cutting costs which has transitioned to their pricing and that in turn makes the company in a sustainable position in the computer hardware industry. They have never lost sight of their vision/values which was customer satisfaction and retention.

Schwab - Values customer needs/wants and desires. Their utilizzation and/or adaptation to new technology, overall customer focused and friendly services, easily guided website, and well known name assist in driving their success.

Gateway - Gateway is a company that rivals with Dell, Inc. They understand to survive/compete in today's market one needs to capture all forms of the market. They transitioned their strategy of that from retail chains to encouraging individuals to purchase in the online environment. The customer service, support and other CRM tools provided by the company assist in increasing sales for the company. They began targeting the corporate market to boost company profits and their position within the market. They understand transitioning to bricks and clicks customers would have the availability to access the company website and transact business on a daily basis throughout the world with their current available products. This in turn has helped the company conform to their current position in the market of offering various products and services on the World Wide Web available to people and businesses worldwide. They understood that with the inception/transition there needed to be a focus also on the service of Dynamic Pricing as it is growing focus/part of the internet due to its ever expanding growth. Gateway's site provides the company with the availability to service customers worldwide at a more rapid pace. They provide immediate channels to change the product prices to fit with the ever changing customer demand. Therefore, the implementation of Dynamic Pricing assists in maximizing corporate profits and creating a competitive edge, which is also needed in the highly competitive online market. (Kambil & Agrawal, 2001)

Staples - Staples works in unison if you will with their retail chains. The company understands to compete in today's environment they need to utilize the intrnet in some form or fashion. They are an organization which values the customer, their wants, needs and input and this is apparent on their site in the feedback/suggestion area. They provide customer service, store locator and a greater range of products available to online customers. They in turn listened to both the market and their customers by providing 24/7 access, greater product variety, shipping availability and still keeping local stores available to reach all variations of customers in the market.

Borders - Borders developed their marketing concept around the customers demands, wants and needs. They understand that the world is turning to a convenience driven society and have capitalized on that market through not only their website but alliances with other E-tailers such as Amazon.com. This partnership allows further recognition and profits for the company by customers throughout the various regions.

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