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    Designing a PR Plan

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    You are the county manager of Apache County, Arizona. As one of the most rural counties in Arizona, the area's infrastructure is significantly below standards and transportation is a critical issue for the citizens and the elected Board of Supervisors. Despite this fact, five years ago you worked hard putting together a new master transportation plan for the county, only to have it rejected by the voters on a narrow margin! The culprit was a small but vocal group of "no-growth" residents, who believe that new roads only lead to more people living in the county, which they don't want.

    Now five years later, you've been tasked with the same job once again: put together a county master transportation plan that the voters can get behind and help you get started in fixing the area's road problems. To do this effectively, you know you will need a strong public relations plan.

    Design your own "mini PR plan" to use in getting the word out about the new transportation plan. What specific techniques and messages will you use to help ensure passage at the ballot box this time around? What key stakeholders will you include?

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    To ensure that the proposed county master transportation plan passed, it would be important to get the right message to the right people. This involves identifying the target audience as those who would most benefit from the plan and are voters. To do this, I would advertise on public transportation (the back of buses, in bus shelters, etc) about what the proposed changes would mean to the commuters. Message examples might be the "new transportation plan will shave 4 ...

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    This solution designs a PR plan for a rural county in Arizona to support a proposed transportation plan. It addresses specific techniques to use, messages to encourage passing of the plan, and which stakeholders to include. It includes examples.