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    Setting up costs in Microsoft Project 2000 for project management: include costs?

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    Microsoft Project 2000 has templates that can be used for getting started in project management. These are good but unfortunately, these templates don't include costs (such as hourly and overtime rates) for resources allocated.

    How can I include costs?

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    I don't believe you need a template for this. There are two ways to set up standard and overtime hourly rates in Project.

    The first way is to set default rates for all resources as follows:

    1. On the Tools menu option select Options and then click the General tab.
    2. In the Default standard rate box enter the new hourly standard rate
    3. In the Default overtime rate box, enter the new hourly overtime rate.
    4. Click the "Set as Default" box

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    The solution explains two ways to set up standard and overtime hourly rates in Microsoft Project. The explanation includes the details of exactly how to accomplish it.