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    Technology Road Map

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    Referring to the attached document:

    - Create a Technology Road Map with major steps along the way.

    - Determine how the project will move from the current state products or services to the future state. Discuss and justify the general approach you will take (i.e. partner, acquire, develop in-house, off-the-shelf, customize, out-source, combination) to research the possibilities to develop and then implement the solution.

    - Also, describe technology operations management considerations for such a solution.

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    - Create a Technology Road Map with major steps along the way.

    The technology Roadmap for developing this specialized remote control for the Microsoft
    Zune music player will be as follows:

    Step 1: The first step will be to define the broad scope and boundaries of this technological development project. The project sponsor, ie, Microsoft,will identify the "need", which will be enhanced remote control for Zune players in this case, and will define how the proposed product plans to resolve the need or problem in hand. This step will also identify the team for the proposed project, along with the leader who will be heading or leading the project. Thus, this step will basically be concerned with setting up essential requirements of the project with respect to problem identification, proposed solution, scope and boundaries and selection of project team.

    Step 2:

    The second step in the technology roadmap will go a step ahead in terms of identifying and finalizing the intricate details about the proposed product, ie, remote player. This step will be concerned with finalizing and reaching a consensus on the essential product features, critical system requirements, evaluation of alternative technologies to develop the product features and to meet the system requirement targets, time frame for developing the product and finally, summarizing the findings in terms of a technology development report.

    The final report or outcome of this step will be a detailed document containing comprehensive description about the product to be developed, its features, critical system requirements, underlying technologies, proposed time frame and other essential details. Thus, for our proposed remote control, this report will ...

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    Create a Technology Road Map with major steps along the way.