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    Project Management ETC - Estimate To Complete

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    the task is to a complete a report based on project management tools which are Remained. I took snapshots from the Remained. and I wrote what I understand but my professor said it need corrections.

    project report
    o Monitoring and Control (Current Project Status from Redmine)

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    To assist in the written assessment report, try the following angle to communicate the monitoring of managing this project and control:

    Scope = the snake game project is to improve features and usability

    Planning = the programming coding aspect with technical project members

    Launching = try and think on terms that outlines strategic starting tasks that requires first implementation than the next one, such as, the first phase necessary to facilitating the overall framework of the final outcome.

    Monitoring = focus on the usage within Microsoft Project that provides resource analysis that are assigned to every tasks, such as, the Snake Game improvement project. In doing so,the monitoring factors in the work estimated and program calculates for managing overall costs. Further, the work times of the rate on each tasks feature provides the "top level" analysis for the final summary of the project level within the project management software tool.

    Control = deal the resources on each tasks assigned and the delay occurrences that the team struggled on some aspect due to technical kickbacks on R#s elements not passing checkpoints.

    Closing = the final communication in the critical path schedules that showed how at some point the lack of resources due to in progress ...

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    The review into a case study on the remaining element to complete a project by using project management tools, in particular, the ETC, estimate to complete.