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Time Estimate (IT Project Management)

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How does an estimator arrive at a time estimate for a particular task?

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In order to estimate the time estimate for a particular task in IT project management, the estimator creates a word breakdown structure of the various sub tasks or components of the overall task. A work breakdown structure is a very important element in accurate time estimation of the task and includes all the sub tasks or sub processes required to complete the task.

Work breakdown structure breaks down the tasks into individual software module which can be expresses in terms of lines of code, functional points or other measures. This process helps in understanding the components that needs to be finished in order to complete the task. The refinement of the task into smaller tasks ...

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The answer gives 429 words as a strategy for estimating the time a project will take, outlining things to consider when making a judgement, or when picking who can make the best judgement. Additionally, this solution includes two reference sources.