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Estimating Task Duration

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Imagine that you are a project manager. How would you begin to estimate the time that a project would take to complete? Given a small or simple project, this task may not seem too daunting; however, for a large, complex project, such as the construction of a high-rise building, the task of estimating time for project completion is a difficult one.

Briefly describe the six methods for estimating task duration. Discuss how each method affects the accuracy of task duration estimates. Provide practical examples to help illustrate the differences between the methods. How do you determine which method should be applied to a particular facet of a project?

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Estimation of Time for Project

Let's take the example of web re-design. To estimate the time, deliverables that are associated with the project need to be identified to prepare a list of what is going to be done in the project. In the web re-design project, various tasks would be listed such as initial meet with client, provide information to them, review existing site, develop a list of site including changes, get approval, design site mockup, code pages, create new navigation, content reorganization in new pages, cross browser testing, validate codes, check links, etc (Wysocki, 2011). After this, these tasks are broken into simple tasks separated by component, so that time that would be spent for each task can be estimated effectively. Next step is related with the estimation of time for completing each task in project including the time that is spent by the subcontractors in web re-design project. After this, total time is estimated along with including 10-20% in addition for facing any complicated or unexpected situation (Papadopoulos, Kalogeiton & Arampatzis, 2010).

There are various methods ...

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