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I have data of 2004 forecast sales for each school account and also days allocated that I have to spent at each school. How can I find the solution to this question?

"Considering that our product line consists of textbooks for all major course areas, where, if at all, would you consider it advisable to deviate from the days-allocated formula and why?"

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I would like to estimate risk if deviatimng from the days-allocated formula. For instance what is the chance that students will not be able to afford a certain type of textbook?
<br>PERT Method - This technique provides for a quantitative method of considering uncertainty or risk. It calls for the use of three time estimates for each task. These are called optimistic, most likely and pessimistic. The most likely is the duration that can be expected 50% of the time. The optimistic is the shortest reasonable duration, attainable about 10% of the time. The pessimistic is the longest reasonable duration, also with about a 10% probability. In the ...

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