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Controlling Measures During the Planning Phase

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What controlling measures should be taken during the planning phase. Then provide a generic method for creating a project schedule starting with the creation of the work breakdown structure (WBS).

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This solution discusses which controlling measures should be taken during the planning phase of a project.

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Control Measures

Control measures during the process of project planning are a very important aspect in the success of any project. Some of the most important control measures that need to be taken into account in any planning process are the setting of performance standards and establishing the means through which performance can be measured and compared. These help in ensuring that the objectives and standards of the projects are measurable and determines where the project is performing as per the set standards (Accel, 2010).

Another control measure that can be incorporated in the planning process is feedback mechanism. These would provide useful information on the progress of the project through feedbacks from key players and in doing so is able to act as an early warning system on anything that may go wrong in the future or that may be going wrong during the implementation of the project. Anther control measure that should be incorporated ...

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