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Microsoft Project Sample Implementation

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Project Management
I need guidelines please on how to do this.

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The question wants you to conceptualize, plan and execute a project. It wants you to use the MS Project software and detail all the steps, which are encountered in a real life project.
<br>The question makes several assumptions, first the question assumes that a concept thought out by you will have a number of tasks which the question specifies, have summary tasks and links. This is not a case where the project follows the concept, since there may be a project with far fewer tasks than what is mentioned and the specifications by the question will not stand. Second, the question asks you to create five resources and link them to the applicable tasks, in reality the resources emerge as necessities for the tasks and not other wise, for example you want electrical fittings for your house, then you need the resources, that is the equipment you want fitted and the electrician to do the fittings. Thirdly, the question presupposes that two schedule constraints are required, these constraints do not exist by themselves these are connected to the availability of other resources, for example, electrical work can get delayed because the electrician is not available or because the walls are not complete or even because the equipment ordered for the fittings has not arrived. These are dependent on the risk analyses, which the question has not done.
<br>Given below is a template to help you answer your question.
<br>1. Statement of Work to support a project concept: - Your project could typically be to build a two bed roomed cottage for a foreigner who has purchased one and a half acres of land in a posh area of the city. Please note that you need to state the price, which Mr. Coleridge is willing to pay for the cottage the time frame within which he wants the cottage is likely to be ready, the permissions which will be required from the city council for the project and the details of the work which has to be done in the requisite time. The statement of work should contain the basic information like the area for the cottage, the number of rooms, the dimensions and the structure of the house, its direction and the architectural drawing of the house. Please note that the basic division of the tasks between Mr. Coleridge and you should be clarified early for example if he would like to get the architectural tasks done by himself or if these are to be done by you. There will be preparatory tasks like the clearing the land, measuring the land, grading, getting permission from the city council, the ordering of the critical raw materials like the cement, preparation of the ground for the utilities which can be got from neighboring properties to the current property by the city authorities. The property will be graded while the preparation for the cemented base is being carried on. At this stage you need to give the day wise time estimates that are required for the construction. For instance, you need to give the time taken by the concrete company to pour the foundation and the base, the drying time that will be required during which you will proceed to order and receive framing materials, steel sidings, sheetrock/ insulation and windows. You need to state in detail what carpenters will be retained by you and the starting date of their work including the installation of the sill plates and the frames of the house. Please note that the you need to state the names of the electricians who will be on the job, their starting ...

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