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    Project team structures

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    1. What are the three project team structures? What are some of the elements that differentiate the team structures from one another? How is the project team structure related to the project manager's authority level?

    2. What do each of the letters in the SMART acronym stand for? In your own words, describe what each piece of the SMART acronym means? Why is the SMART acronym an important part of developing requirements for the project?

    3. What is a project schedule? Give an example of a project milestone? How would you explain to a project team member what a dependency relationship was between two tasks and why it was important?

    4. What is the function of a project budget? Explain the difference between a Cost Account Budget and a Time Phased Budget? Why is it important to include management contingency in a project budget and how you would calculate the amount of contingency needed?

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    //As per the directions, we will talk about the three project team structures and the differences between them. In this part, we will also discuss about the relationship between the project team structures with Project Manager's authority level. //

    Project Team Structure & Budget

    1. A project consists of the different structures. It is necessary for a project manager to develop a team for the successful completion of a project. The following are the forms of project team structure that are generally used by a Project Manager -

    Functionally structured team - This is the most common form of team structure. In this type of team structure, all the major functional areas are addressed by a team. Each team consists of various people that have necessary skills and knowledge for this particular functional area. In this structure, the project manager is helped by a project officer and the director of the project is positioned at the level of steering committee.

    Process based team structure - In this type of structure, the teams address the major processes of the project. Various teams are established for the technical and non-technical area to support the project of the organization. The project director matches the process of all teams for the effective communication.

    Resource pool team structure - This team structure is established on the basis of traditional resource pool concept. Teams are established according to the types of resources. But this team structure doesn't establish a comfortable communication and combination in the organization (Project Structure and Organization, 2007).

    The main element is the base of the establishment of a team that differentiates the various team structures from one another. The functional team structure includes various layers of the authority, rather than the other team structures. The various layers of the authority in the team structure also help in ...