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    Strategic Plan on Pfizer, Inc.

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    A. Long Term Objectives : In addition to long term objective also address following areas: Profitability, Productivity, Competitiveness, Employee development and relations, technical leadership, and public responsibility.
    B. Strategic analysis and choice: In this section you should discuss: Generic Strategies, Matched Pairs Analysis, and Grad strategies.
    C. Action Plan : The action plan should be directly traceable to the long term objectives.

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    The Long Term Objectives of Pfizer( Based on their emphasis, the competitive scene, and Annual Report) are as following:
    ? To maintain its lead in work of Research Based Medicines and cover wider span with smaller niche drugs for targeted market also included in the portfolio. The area has been core strength of the company and its whole business model is based on it. The aim is to achieve the target revenue for the year 2006.
    ? Profitability: We would like to Maximizing Revenues from Current Product Portfolio. We delivered adjusted diluted EPS(1) of $2.06 for the full year of 2006, in line with our most recent guidance and representing growth of 6 percent compared to full-year 2005 adjusted diluted EPS(1) of $1.95.
    ? Competitiveness: We are expanding our business in countries other than U.S.: The booming economies and population and scope of expansion are factors which will help Company to maintain it position in the competitive situation against its competitors..
    ? Technical leadership: We are expanding our presence in next-generation disciplines such as genomics and biologics, and we expect to be a Top Five power in them by 2010 and, Becoming a powerhouse in "large molecule" biologics. We now offer a number of available therapies?Rebif, Fragmin, Genotropin, Somavert and our latest, macugen. Exubera, the now-approved, first-ever inhaled human insulin, will greatly raise our profile in biologics. We are targeting a tripling of our current biologics revenues by 2010, which could place us as high as fourth in the worldwide sales rankings for these "wave of the future" medicines.
    ? Productivity: We will use existing production capacity more efficiently and effectively by establishing a smaller and more flexible cost base.
    ? Employee development and relations: We would like to be a great place to work for every employee to grow together..
    ? Public responsibility: We are also committed to playing a more significant role in the national dialogue on improving the delivery of care and patient access. "We must be a constructive voice with our stakeholders on healthcare policy and regulation of our products," said Kindler. "We must be seen as a responsible and active company that is focused on solutions that work for everyone - not just for Pfizer."
    ? Marketing generic versions of certain of our products after our compounds face generic competition.
    ? Addressing the wide array of patient populations through our innovative access and affordability programs.
    ? .Refocusing the debate on health policy to address the cost of disease that remains untreated and the benefits of investing in prevention and wellness to not only improve health, but save money.
    ? The promise of technology to improve upon existing therapies and to introduce treatments where none currently exist.
    ? Worldwide emphasis on the need to ...

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