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Traditional Organizational Model to Transformed Organization

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I need the name of a corporation that has changed from a traditional organizational model to a transformed organizational model in the last five years and the details regarding:

? How the changes impacted the company's diverse workforce
? How the changes impacted two of the following:
o local communities
o labor unions
o environmental groups
o customers
o salespersons

? Analysis of the following:
o The skills workers and management must develop to accommodate
the changes.
o The support systems in place to assure the changes are
successfully implemented.

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For the purpose of this assignment, I will choose General Motors. Faced with declining market share and a changing industry, General Motors (GM) launched an ambitious effort that transformed its supply chain and made customer satisfaction a priority.

How the changes impacted the company's diverse workforce?

Changes brought into the organization due to transformation from a traditional organization to transformed organization will have a radical impact on the organization's diverse workforce. The thinking, attitude and approach of the organization's workforce will undergo a radical change in terms of a rigid, traditional outlook to a more flexible, modern and customer centric outlook.

Workforce will be subject to a transformed working atmosphere that provides higher degree of autonomy, flexibility, decision making authority and responsibility. Openness in communication will be another major changed faced by the employees. Such changes will result in major changes in terms of work practices, processes and systems followed in the organization, which may not be accepted by employees at first instance, primarily due to fear, apprehensions, concerns about job security and concerns about ability to handle such changes. Employees will need to be encouraged, motivated and taught to embrace these changes with full enthusiasm.

Employees will need to bring radical change in terms of their approach towards work as modern organizations pay utmost attention to quality and customer service. Workforce will need to learn about modern software, tools and technologies to work in more efficient manner, which will require upgrading of skills and knowledge via education programs and information sessions.

Employees will need to work more flexibly, take a more strategic approach towards their work. They will be required to undertake more challenges and think out of the box.

In the case of GM, company's ambitious undertaking to transform itself meant moving from a make-and-sell to a sense-and-respond organization. GM had to put in place an organization that could respond more quickly and effectively to customer demand?and provide better service quality. This meant rethinking key processes and replacing the functional mind-set with a more cross functional, collaborative approach among the employees at all levels.

One of the greatest obstacles to transforming GM's transformed organization into one that would be customer driven was the
Company's functional "silos." Too often different groups worked at cross-purposes rather than together. This led to finger
pointing and an added layer of complexity while boosting schedule changes and increasing parts shortages, causing
unnecessarily high inventory levels and carrying costs.

? How the changes impacted two of the following:

o customers: Customers will have a very positive impact in terms of approach of the organizations towards them. Customers will be treated as king, and their preferences, needs and wants will be given ...

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Traditional Organizational Model to Transformed Organizational Model