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Corporate Model Changes

This task is brainstormed:

Select a corporation that has changed from a traditional organizational model to a transformed organizational model in the last five years. Identify how the changes impacted the company's diverse workforce and two external stakeholders (e.g., local communities, labor unions, environmental groups, stockholders, customers, salespersons, etc.

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Please allow some of my ideas to help:

First, as you locate examples, please note that Blockbuster allegedly transformed to this type of model. IBM and Dell are also models of this change. You might also explore how UPS allegedly transformed to a similar strategy.

Next, as you identify how the changes impacted the company's diverse workforce, you might look at how many lawsuits were filed after many employees' complaints about unpaid overtime. Due to the increase in business, many employees claim that they were overworked. Please visit this link for more insight: ...

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