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    Scheins 3 levels of organizational culture

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    Using Scheins 3 levels of organizational culture I need help with the first level.
    1. Artifacts - Artifacts are difficult to measure and they deal with organizational attributes that can be observed, felt and heard as an individual enters a new culture. What is it?

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    The culture of an organization is the SHARED beliefs, philosophies, experiences, customs, and norms of behavior. When some of these or all of these attributes are combined together - the distinctive character they create is called the Organizational Culture. Management is the driving force for the culture of a company. This is normally set in the values and norms for behavior within the company. Top Executives drive the culture downwards to the manager levels and when employees are hired, they look for certain characteristics, personality, and values that will cultivate the organizational culture.
    Companies invest in keeping the organizational culture and will implement certain techniques and education to keep the employees on the same track. McDonald's is an organization that invests in McDonald's Hamburger University to keep its employees educated in what is expected of them as employees of their company. Other businesses such as Mary Kay and Avon engage in conferences on a regular schedule to keep the culture cultivated. In other words, certain ...

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    Scheins three levels of organizational cultures are examined.