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three levels of organizational culture

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According to schein there are 3 levels of organizational culture and I am having trouble with the 2nd level of Espoused Beliefs and Values. What is it?

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The three levels of organizational cultures are provided. Espoused beliefs and values are determined.

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If employees are hired that are willing to go along with the dress and attire of the company knowing what it represents, then the representing part is the espoused value. Espoused values are how the company conducts business and they contribute to the normal standards of the company (Business Dictionary). Organizations "will normally express the official philosophies and public statements of identity (Schein, 1985)"

Organizations explain their values and develop them with their employees as a stake in the future of the company. It is what the company hopes to become. Mary Kay presents itself as a "big family." Organizations show by what they do what they are.

Espoused Values (Schein, 1997):
- All group learning reflects original ...

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