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organizational culture three levels Schein

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According to Schein and his 3 levels of organizational culture number 3 is really giving me a difficult time. Explain the 3 level of Underlying assumptions - This level deals with phenomena that remain unexplained when insiders are asked about the values of the organizational culture. Information is gathered in this level by observing behavior carefully to gather underlying assumptions because they are sometimes taken for granted and not recognized. According to Schein, the essence of organizational culture lies in this level.

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The solution discusses organizational culture three levels according to Schein.

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The basic assumptions are the SHARED basic assumptions that are deeply embedded, taken for granted BEHAVIORS which are not consciously being used. It is an unconscious reaction, way that constitutes culture. The assumptions are so much a part of the organization that it is hard to recognize them.
Before acting on a culture it is strongly recommended to decipher it to define the change strategy and/or to understand what is wrong. Deciphering a culture can be carried out using the following pattern (Schein, 2013):
1) Visit and observe
2) Identify artifacts and processes that puzzle you
3) Ask insiders why are things done that way
4) Identify espoused values that appeal to you and ask how they are implemented
5) Look for inconsistencies and ask about them
6) Figure out from the above the deeper assumptions that determine the observed behavior
However, deciphering a culture requires the analyst to understand the potential consequences of an investigation and clearly communicates this to executives: the members of the organization may not want to know or may not be able to handle the insights into their own ...

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