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Healthcare organizations service strategy

Create and describe the healthcare organization's service strategy. In particular, link your service strategy to the creation of a healing environment and developing a culture of customer service.

Identify how your service strategy is linked to the organizational vision and mission.

The organization this strategy should be linked is Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser's vision statement says that it exists to provide affordable, quality healthcare services and to improve the health of its members, as well as the communities it serve. It is a value-driven non-profit organization whose social purpose is to:
- Assure access to affordable, quality heath care services;
- Improve the health of the members and the communities it serve; and
- Discover and share new, innovative and effective ways to organize and deliver care and to prepare future health professionals for practice

Mission statement
KP's mission statement stipulates that it is to build new and stronger partnerships with vendors and purchasers, to renew the sense of ownership and responsibility of physicians and employees, and to become a leader in contributing to the health of our communities.

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Our Service strategy will be based on Quality and customer satisfaction.
Quality Matters: G.D. Kunders, who has authored six books on hospital planning,
management and designing feels ‘As opposed to conventional marketing, Quality is the only way to build an enduring brand name and brand image for any hospital. It is a business philosophy based on customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is measured by the satisfaction that the patient derives from the service he receives. The real test of a patient’s satisfaction is the answer to the question: “Has the smile on the patient’s face been restored?” If the answer is “Yes”, the patient is satisfied, and the degree of his satisfaction is proportionate to what degree or extent his needs and expectations have been met.’
The success of a hospital is often measured - and wrongly so - by the high numbers of patients it treats. The real test of any hospital is the quality of healthcare it provides.

Elements of Customer satisfaction

Understanding your customer
With all of the advances, shifts, and developments of the business world, one common goal throughout all of the changes remains the same: provide excellent service to your customers. The ...

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