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Branding and Online Marketing

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How do I formulate a plan to brand a product or service associated with Veterans healthcare Administration and to market online.

If there is currently an existing branding strategy in place, then describe how you would improve upon it.

If branding is not currently used, then describe how it could be done. In either case, justify why branding would (or would not) be appropriate or effective.

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The first step in formulating a plan by which to brand a product or service associated with the veterans healthcare administration, and to market online, is to provide an effective and memorable name for the product or service, so that customers will be able to associate this product or service only with the veterans health administration. In addition, the symbol for the veterans healthcare administration should be utilized in conjunction with this product and service as often as possible, due to the fact that the symbol that is utilized in conjunction with the promotion of a product or service will become tightly associated and or linked with that product or service, which will be good in this case, due to the fact that the product or service ...

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