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    Company Culture Creation by Management and Employees

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    To what extent is a company's culture the creation of the management, and to what extent is a company's culture the creation of the employees?

    Study the culture of any well-known company - for example GE, Dell, Wal-Mart, Disney, Microsoft, and so on - to respond to this question:

    Does the nature of the company's business and market have any influence on its culture?

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    It is my belief that the culture of Walmart is more the creation of management than it is the creation of employees, largely due to the fact that this organization has a highly rigid and structured methodology of conducting these operations. In addition, the vast majority of the new ideas for the function of this organization and its modus operandi are derived from the senior leadership within the organization, and is passed down through the chain of command to middle and lower ...

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    This solution discusses a company's culture as the creation of management as well as the creation of employees.