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Technology and Customer Relations Management

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Model 3 SLP Project

You'll remember that we're pursuing a common task throughout the Project assignments in all Modules -- that is, the development of a CRM audit/plan for a company or organization you've chosen. Specifically, for the Session Long Project for this Module, you are to continue researching the CRM practices of your target firm or organization, with particular emphasis on decisions about products, pricing, and related issues.

- How has technology changed the way CRM is performed with respect to advertising, communication and promotion. How important are blogs, posting boards and comment sites to the customer and company ? Or is there no substitute for human contact, albeit with a de-emphasis on the over-dependence of Corporate American to link you with "Fred from Anaheim", which as we all know is really a suburb of New Delhi?
- How has information technology, encompassing the internet, cell phone communication, and the issue of portability (laptops, pda's, wireless, the Iphone, etc) impacted the customer's ability to compare products and pricing ? And what are some of the approaches companies are using to take advantage of this click of a keystroke "'net surf shopping" habit
- Finally, comment on how information technology has changed the distribution of products and services in general and identify one or two specific examples of the ( in some cases) radical alteration of business operational procedures driven by the power now at the fingertips of every consumer with a computer or wireless phone.

You don't need to go into great detail about any of these activities, but the more you can sketch out, the more complete your understanding of the effects of CRM on your company will be.

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The following posting discusses how technology has changed customer relations management.

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I have provided an outline of ideas here. You can use them and add to them or modify them for use as it pertains to your class assignment and needs.

Customer relations are vastly improved or vastly underrated by companies that regard the internet, cell phones, and the overall wireless/satellite/instantaneous access as a tool. Not all companies see the new array of tools offered online as good. Those that do and use them to great effect are successful. Those that ignore them are going to be left behind.

Companies need social media and sites such as Amazon to promote their wares and their services. The use of social media has exploded. Everyone it seems is online on Facebook, Twitter, and all the other access points. There are live ongoing discussions happening everywhere. A mistake on the part of a company is transmitted through social media sites, on both personal and business pages, as fast as media access today. At the same time, a ...

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